South KC sets the scene for Real World Learning

The South Kansas City Performing Arts Pathway brings together students from Ruskin, Center and Grandview High Schools with The Black Repertory Theatre.

Being on stage helped me to find my voice, to be able to articulate what I’m trying to say, to be able to say it clearly. Even if it’s just a presentation, like in a geometry class or something it carries over into so many things other than just the stage.

Luke B.,

Students write and perform their own screenplays and are exposed to different careers in theatrical and performing arts. Students not only come away with new skills and real world experiences, but also a realistic outlook on the professional opportunities in theater.

I fully understand the chances and the odds, but I think that I’d like to have the opportunity to work with an existing theater program. I really want to get a tech internship or just be in one of their shows.

Tony, Grandview High School

The performing arts pathway culminates with a professional performance at the Kansas City Fringe Festival.