Peer Learning is at the heart of successfully implementing Client Connected Projects.

CCP Panel: Learning from the Student & Employer Experience

Michael Ralph sharing his experience with client-connected projects on a panel

Real World Learning invited students and educators from several high schools, along with their business partners, to share their processes and learnings. Students from Kansas City Kansas Public Schools worked with their transportation department to design van wraps for their district’s vans; Spanish class students worked with Junior Achievement at Greater Kansas City to translate English instruction for ESL students; and Guadalupe students worked with Multistudio to create digital interior designs.

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CCP Panel: CCP Master Teachers share what they’re learning about guiding their peers.

Panel of teachers talking

Fail forward and embrace the unknown.

Piper High School Educator, Tori Denault

A second panel of CCP Master teachers shared their experiences coaching teachers who are new to implementing Client Connected Projects and offered advice for other educators. Destiny Marsh, a business education teacher from Smithville High School, advised teachers to “stay calm and model the behavior you are trying to teach. Failure is a part of this!” Tori Denault, an educator from Piper High School, suggests educators say less and encourage students to figure it out themselves. “Fail forward and embrace the unknown. Allot for the fact that the industry does not work how schools do and it’s okay to not always know the next step,” Denault said.

Client Connected Projects have been considered the most accessible opportunity for students to engage with professionals in a meaningful way. These projects allow students to interact with the outside world from within their classroom while also providing real-world applications to course curriculum. Nearly 100 teachers from 25 different high schools are currently in the CCP Apprenticeship program, building a new network of Master Teachers to provide peer mentorship.

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Donna McDaniel speaking to educator

The next Real World Learning Communities of Practice gathering will be held on Thursday, February 8, focusing on IRCs and Career Technical Education (CTE).