Professional Learning Opportunities

We are committed to providing professional learning throughout the summer and school year that builds capacity for all educational roles

Master Teacher Advisory – June 2023 – May 2024

This is a training and advisory role in support of client-connected projects. Applicants should have demonstrated success in delivery of client-connected project experiences which generate positive outcomes for students and employers. The purpose of the position is to recruit and equip interested educators in the practice of successful delivery of real-world learning experiences, specifically, client-connected projects. Application for MVA Master Teacher

Teacher Network | CCP Apprenticeship – August 2023 – May 2024

Are you an educator eager to engage your students in more real-world learning? Learn to effectively implement Client-Connected Projects (CCPs) in both core and elective classrooms. Participants will go through a 3-day workshop, receive a $1000 workshop stipend, and receive on-going coaching throughout the school year while ideating, engaging with employers, collaborating with other educators, and implementing with students. Application for Teacher Apprenticeship

Instructional Coach Professional Learning Day – June 22, 2023 or Aug 1, 2023

Instructional Coaches are invited to a one-day workshop focused on how to support your teachers reaching their learning targets while implementing MVA experiences into their classrooms. Topics will include making connections to curriculum, using resources and tools, and creating student agency. Registration for Instructional Coach Workshop

School Counselor Professional Learning Day – June 22 or August 1, 2023

School Counselors are invited to a one-day workshop and on-going networking and coaching focused on how to support your students around MVA achievement. . Topics will include making connections to curriculum, using resources and tools, and creating student agency. Registration for School Counselor Workshop

RWL Principal Fellowship – September 2023 – May 2024

The Real World Learning Principal Fellowship is a professional learning opportunity to grow your leadership capacity and create meaningful, lasting change in your school. The fellowship is a chance to use a community of practice framework to analyze and leverage data, use change management strategies, and increase student agency. Through virtual and in-person collaboration, this fellowship will help you maximize your network and strengthen the leadership within your school community to help you reach the goal of 100% market value asset attainment for your students. The Fellowship will kick off in September 2023. Application for Principal Fellowship

Educator Externship – June 30, 2023

Downtown KC company Spotlight is welcoming teachers to spend the morning learning more about analyst relations. During this visit to Spotlight, educators will have the opportunity to learn about the world of Analyst Relations, gain insight into what kinds of roles Spotlight typically hire for, and learn how concepts taught in the classroom are being applied in their business. More Info | Register