Professional Learning Opportunities

We are committed to providing professional learning throughout the summer and school year that builds capacity for all educational roles

Master Teacher Advisory

The Master Teacher Advisory provides guidance and training to peer educators, sharing best practices and insights gained from implementing Client Connected Projects (CCP). Selected through an application process, these teachers have demonstrated success in delivering CCP experiences that positively impact students and employer partners. The role aims to establish a supportive network of teachers, fostering collaboration and encouragement in the successful delivery of real-world learning experiences, with a specific focus on CCPs.

Teacher Network | CCP Apprenticeship

The CCP Apprenticeship program brings together educators who are enthusiastic about enriching student learning through Client Connected Projects (CCPs). Participants undergo a comprehensive 3-day workshop and continuous coaching throughout the academic year. This collaborative journey involves ideation, employer engagement, teamwork with fellow educators, and the hands-on implementation of CCPs in both core and elective classrooms. It empowers teachers to seamlessly integrate real-world learning experiences, creating a dynamic and impactful educational environment for their students.

RWL Principal Fellowship

The Real World Learning Principal Fellowship offers educational leaders a unique professional development experience to enhance leadership skills and drive impactful, lasting transformations in their schools. This fellowship utilizes a community of practice framework for data analysis, leveraging change management strategies, and promoting increased student agency. Through a combination of virtual and in-person collaboration, the fellowship maximizes networking opportunities, fortifying leadership within individual school communities. The ultimate aim is to guide schools towards achieving a 100% market value asset attainment goal for their students.

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice events are designed to inspire innovation and create a supportive network of educators dedicated to transforming the high school experience through RWL. They are an opportunity to connect with peer professionals, share best practices, and gain valuable insights into effective strategies. These events foster collaboration, providing a platform to discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and collectively enhance the impact of real-world learning in education.

In the 2023-24 school year, Communities of Practice meet-ups will each take a deep dive into a specific MVA. The format will include local and national keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking opportunities.

Peer Learning Network | Workshops & Covenings

Designed for school counselors, instructional coaches, teachers, and RWL coordinators, Peer Learning Networks (PLN) serve as forums to address shared challenges, explore opportunities, and exchange resources and tools relevant to their respective roles. These networks convene bi-monthly during the school year, focusing on role-specific agenda topics highlighting how each position contributes to supporting RWL implementation and awareness within their schools.

Navigating Change Workshop Series

RWL Leads and coordinators will work to build skills and lead change in their policies and practices that open up the possibilities for implementation of RWL in their districts. Through a series of six sessions, participants will be trained in navigating and facilitating the changes needed to achieve deeper implementation of RWL goals and activities.

Student Agency & Voice

In Real World Learning, students actively participate in activities centered around fostering student agency and amplifying their voices. This involvement is facilitated through the formation of three distinct student-led groups. The Student Voice Leaders channel their perspectives to inform Real World Learning practices at the classroom, school, and even state levels. The RWL Student Ambassadors are pivotal in raising awareness about RWL experiences and mentoring their peers, highlighting the benefits of engaging in such experiences. Additionally, the RWL J-Lab focuses on sharing compelling Real World Learning stories through various mediums, including print, digital platforms, podcasts, and videos. This multifaceted approach empowers students to take an active role in shaping and communicating their Real World Learning experiences.