Guidance for MVA Achievement

A Guide for Schools and Communities

“The MVA, for all its efforts, changes how schools operate, how community partners interact with schools, and even what it means to be a high school graduate.”

In March 2024, a guidance document was created to ensure consistency in MVA implementation across all districts and schools in the Kansas City region that are part of the Real World Learning Collaborative.

That said, its recommendations, resources, and templates can benefit any school or community that offers real-world learning experiences for high school students.

Regardless of how Market Value Assets (MVAs) are implemented, they require specific attributes for a high-quality experience. These include a meaningful project, student agency, practical application, skill development, and professional networking opportunities.

MVA Guidebook Highlights

The MVA guidebook includes a section on each MVA with guidance, quality considerations and FAQs; resources curated from educators, schools and intermediaries; and an appendix of worksheets and planning documents.

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  1. MVA Guidance

  2. Promising Practices

  3. Peer Resources

  4. Planning Documents